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This property will be on the RE market in about two months. The “compound” like  lot is located near shopping and a major transportation hub, but is not in a heavy traffic area. There are small food stores nearby. The lot is wide and deep (1,750 meters or 5741.47 feet) and has several houses on it as well as established fruit trees. Though it needs some infrastructure work, it has great potential and can house  a large family or a bunch of friends or small business (music?). It is fenced and gated and has an outdoor fireplace for BBQ and covered area for parking. If interested in this property contact owner, Mary (pronounced Mari) on her Uruguay cell: 598-990-54601
























































Termas Dayman:

June 2014
Dayman4Dayman2 Dayman3 Dayman5 Dayman6 Dayman7 Dayman8 Dayman9 Dayman10 Dayman11 Dayman12 Dayman13


Cabina off Ruta 3 south of Salto, north of Termas Dayman and close to pig farm


Seeking Investors for start up relocation service of which there is none for multiple services for individuals, families, and businesses in NW Uruguay. Profile registered at Gust for Angel Investor Network: – contact Pia:

¡Uruguay, Si! Relocate Today

Approximately 3km south of Termas Dayman  there are 40 goats for sale.

“Normal” property values for one hectare is approximately $30,000.

Yesterday (5/30/14) I spoke with Ricardo who farms near the border of Brazil. Ricardo has many friends who have a lot of land and no work. They would like to sell property. More information coming soon.

South of Salto on the primary road into town are many parcels, some with buildings and some without, for sale and along the roads off the primary ruta are more hectares for sale. I think the biggest issue that may exist when examining land is whether or not large companies have contaminated the land with chemicals previously. At the moment,  I do not know what, if any, disclosure laws there are. So far, I have encountered the usual Latin American “what you see is what you get” practice.

Conducting business via email is not practical, not even for having basic documents forwarded. You really have to be here.

The weather now is on the chilly side at night as we enter winter. That will last several months and then there is approximately four months of what my current landlord calls really hot weather, but I think it won’t be as bad as what I experienced south Florida’s searing and FL’s north central’s muggy heat.

I want a passive solar set up to start and don’t want to rely on the grid. The electricity went out the other day which my landlord says is unusual. It went out frequently and for long periods in Esteli, Nicaragua. Solar suppliers are available in Uruguay. Locals consider solar systems expensive, but, it’s all about perspective – they also consider a $30/month electric bill expensive. 🙂


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